What do you get?

When you have us host and manage your site you will get more than just a web server that holds your web files, you get 24/7 monitoring of your site (from multiple locations around the world), regular backups (to off-site, secure locations), regular security scanning, and the peace of mind knowing that all the 'technical stuff' is handled for you. You can focus on your business, not the many details of modern-day web hosting (which can be overwhelming at times).

We also don't 'lock you in' to our hosting. If at any time in the future you decide you would like to move your hosting to some other company, we will provide you with a full back-up of the site that any experienced Joomla manager can restore and get live within minutes (on a comparable hosting server). In addition, we also offer the option to have your backups stored on your own off-site server (many different major storage companies are supported - like Amazon S3).

Service rates for 2023

Here is an overview of our package rates. We will let you know what package is most appropriate for your site needs; however, you can always 'upgrade' if you would like the added features of a larger package.

Package Rates

 Non-HostedBase ServicingGeneral ServicingAdvanced ServicingeCommerce ServicingEnterprise Sys Servicing
  Services for sites we don't manage Simple web 'brochure' General Catalog System (no ecommerce) Advanced systems WITHOUT eCommerce eCommerce specific Multiple systems
(incl eCommerce)
MONTHLY COST20   $34 $68 $111 $196 $233

Hourly rate
For additional services

$115 $80 $62 $62 $62 $62

Package Details

Here are the specifics of the packages listed above.

 Non-HostedBase ServicingGeneral ServicingAdvanced ServicingeCommerce ServicingEnterprise Sys Servicing
  Services for sites we don't manage Simple web 'brochure' General Catalog System (no ecommerce) Advanced systems WITHOUT eCommerce eCommerce specific Multiple systems
(incl eCommerce)




  unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited

Disk Space

  5GB 10GB 20GB 20GB 20GB+16


  500MB 1GB 1GB 2GB 2-12 GB16

CPU Cores

  2 2 2 2 2-616

Uptime Guarantee1

  90.00% 90.00% 95.00% 95.00% 99.00%


Non-Hosted Base Servicing
General Servicing
Advanced Servicing eCommerce Servicing
Enterprise Sys Servicing


$105/hr free free free free free

Cron Jobs3

$105/hr none Up to 3 Up to 5 Up to 10 unlimited

Custom Server Configurations4

$105/hr none Up to 3 Up to 5 Up to 5 unlimited

Server Monitoring6

none 1 1 1 3 3


  weekly weekly nightly nightly nightly

Number kept

  Last 3 Last 3 Last 3
+ last 12 month-end
Last 30
+ last 12 month-end
Last 30
+ last 12 month-end
Inbound Email

Forwarding accounts included7

(admin@; info@)
(admin@@; info@)
(admin@; info@)
(admin@; info@)

Included (additional)8

   1 3 3 8 18

Set-Up per account9

   n/a $25 $25 $25 $25

Storage per domain21

  10GB 10GB 10GB 10GB 10GB
Outbound Email


none Basic System Emails Only Basic System Emails Only   System & eCommerce transaction
(authenticated; w/DKIM, etc)
System; transactional; bulk (up to 1,000/mo)


Non-Hosted Base Hosting General Hosting Advanced Hosting eCommerce Enterprise Sys

Minor Updates10

$115/hr n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c

Major Updates11

$115/hr tba tba tba tba tba

Migration Cost17

n/a $150 $200 $250 $300 tba18
Joomla Extensions


$26/mo free free free free free


  (see support plan below) (see support plan below) (see support plan below) (see support plan below) (see support plan below)


$115/hr free free free free free


n/a n/a free free free free

phone (less than 5 min)

$115/hr (billed in 30 min. incr)   $62/hr $62/hr free  

phone (more than 5 min)

$115/hr (billed in 30 min. incr) $62/hr $62/hr $62/hr $62/hr $62/hr
MONTHLY COST20   $34 $68 $111 $196 $233


Non-Hosted Base Servicing
General Servicing
Advanced Servicing eCommerce Servicing
Enterprise Sys Servicing



Hourly rate - general

$115 $80 $62 $62 $62 $62
Hourly rate - custom code $150 $125 $115 $100 $100 $95

Hourly rate - data entry

$52 $35 $35 $35 $35 $35

Billing increment

½ hr .01 hr .01 hr .01 hr .01 hr .01 hr

Minimum per incident

½ hr .25 hr .25 hr .25 hr .25 hr .25 hr

Billing Frequency

Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly

Billing Terms

Net 10 Days Net 10 Days Net 10 Days Net 10 Days Net 10 Days Net 10 Days


Amazon External file hosting14

n/a n/a $25 / 25 GB $25 / 25 GB $25 / 25 GB $25 / 25 GB

Additional Email Storage

n/a n/a $0.50/GB $0.50/GB $0.50/GB $0.50/GB

Outbound bulk email (per 1k)

n/a n/a n/a $10 $10 $10

Additional Email Accounts

n/a n/a $25/account s/u
+ $5/mo
$25/account s/u
+ $5/mo
$15/account s/u
+ $5/mo
$15/account s/u
+ $5/mo

Extra CPU Cores24

n/a n/a n/a $40/mo $40/mo $40/mo

Extra Memory (per GB)24

n/a n/a n/a $20/mo $20/mo $20/mo

Extra Drive Storage Space (per100gb)25</sup

n/a $80/mo $80/mo $60/mo $40/mo $40/mo

Additional Monitoring Locations

$25 $10 $10 $5 $5 $5



Standard Joomla Packages


SSL Cert

hourly n/a $100 $100 $80 $80

Community Builder - Advanced User Management22

hourly $50 $100 n/a $400 $400

Blogging (customized)

hourly n/a $50 $50 $50 $50


hourly n/a n/a n/a $160 $160

Email Newsletters (AcyMailing)

hourly n/a n/a $150
(w/bulk outbound package)
(w/bulk outbound package)


hourly n/a n/a n/a n/a $500

Data Reporting (AlterReports)

hourly n/a $125 $125 $125 $125

Sharing (inviteX)

hourly n/a n/a $100
(w/bulk outbound email)
(w/bulk outbound email)

Customized Coupons (AWOCoupon)

hourly n/a n/a n/a $100 $100

CCK (K2)

hourly n/a $100 n/a $100 $100

Special Joomla Packages


SEO (Jsitemap Pro)

hourly $100 $100 $100 $100 $100

Simple Image Gallery Pro

hourly n/a $75 $75 $75 $75

Hosting Packages Extensions/Services Included

All of our hosting packages include the following extensions/services in the monthly price:

  • Akeeba Backup Pro
    • Including regular off-site back-ups
  • Akeeba Admin Tools Pro
  • Gantry Template System
  • JCE Editor Pro
  • Sitemap Pro
  • Regular Labs Extgensions
  • RSForm Pro
  • Smart Slider (if desired/needed)
  • Motomo Site Analytics (std)
  • Up-time monitoring (5-minunte monitoring)
  • Regular Security Audits (monthly)

This includes keeping the extension updated with the latest version. It does NOT include configuration or changes (those are billed at the standard hourly rate).

Additional pagkaces/extensions are available at various maintenance rates. Please review some options below or ask for more details.

Retainer Packages

We offer a limited number of retainer packages throughout the year. These packages provide you with a number of benefits:

  • A set of 'reserved' project hours each month
  • Priority service over non-retainer projects
  • A significant discount on hourly rates

Retainers are billed monthly with a minimum commitment of 10 hours/month and a minimum duration of 1 to 3 months (depending on the specific retainer) with a 30-day notice required for ending the retainer.

If you think that a retainer package might benefit your project please contact us by email or use the button on this page to schedule a meeting to discuss what packages are available and how it might help your project/site.

You can click here to view our current retainer packages and their details.

NOTE: Retainer packages are limited. Once a client has a retainer they have the option to continue that package indefinitely. Once a retainer is cancelled it may be taken by someone else. We do not regularly publicize when retainers are available; however, if you ask about it and one is not available we will try to let you know when one does become available.


We offer all returning/continuing regular customers a discount on all HOURLY services listed here. This is based on the number nuber of years for which we have been providing you on-going (monthly) services. The current discount structure is this:

Service length Discount Rate
Less than 1 year 0 % discount
1 - 3 years 1% discount
4 years 2% discount
5+ years 1% discount for every year as a client

Discounts are calculated to begin in January of each year based on the time at that point. If you start working with us in September 2023, then you wouldn't get the initial 1% until January 2025.

 To get this discount you must have had billing in each month for the time period either for monthly services or hourly services.

This discount is not applied to retainer packages, extra retainer hours, or upgrade fees.

Rate Changes Effective Date

New Clients/Services

The rates listed above went into effect for all new clients April 1, 2023.

New rates for custom coding went into effect August 1, 2023

Existing Clients/Services

The rates listed above go into effect for all existing clients May 1, 2023.

New rates for custom coding go into effect for all existing clients January 1, 2024.

NOTE: All prices are estimates and subject to change without notice.


1 does not include down time for maintenance

2 Configuring your DNS servers to work with our hosting (base URL)

3 automated server initiated processes

4 Custom TXT/Cname records to handle additional domains and services

5 Nightly Offsite (to Amazon Servers)

6 24/7 monitoring locations

7standard individual user accounts (NOT bulk/marketing use)

8via desktop or web access

9includes transfer from existing imap/pop account

10minor updates automatically applied when released

11major updates – fixed rate or hourly rate, depending on the version (estimate given at time of new version release)

12All extensions constantly monitored for updates

13Updates automatically applied (with support plan below)

14Includes hosting, bandwidth and monitoring

16Our Enterprise hosting provides the abilty to scale up the server to meet increasing load demands or server application complexity needs (additional fees may apply - see Compute Booster later in the chart. Prices vary depending on the site.

17The migration cost indicated is a one-time fee based on migrating an up-to-date Joomla site from your server to ours provided we are able to access the existing Joomla site by both Joomla Super User login AND FTP. If either (or both) of the these access are not available there will be additional fees. If your Joomla site is not updated to the latest version it must be updated prior to migration (we do not host outdated Joomla versions).

18Due to the complex nature of most enterprise systems (with multiple/varied extensions) we will provide an estimate for the migration process prior to any work begun.

19Annual support packages include regular updates of the extension to the latest 'minor' version (any version that doesn't require re-configuration or re-customization of the extension or data. It does NOT include initial configuration of the extension or any necessary data/configuration changes due to upgrades, or custom design or functionality changes. Any of these will be charged at the appropriate hourly rate. NOTE: We also cover the cost of any commercial extensions - you do NOT need to also pay the maker of each of your extensions.

 20All Monthly and Annual recuring charges require an online auto payment. Upon your first payment for the service your payment will then become an automatic charge via your payment method. If your auto payment fails you will have 5 business days to provide a replacement online auto-payment source or the related services will have restricted access or be terminated.

 21Total email storage allocation is per domain, with the amount listed being shared across all email accounts.

22Community Builder is available at 3 different levels. Basic provides just standard user functionality with some minor registration enhancements and user listings. Standard adds additional type registration fields. Pro provides advanced user profile configurations, full user profile automation and subscription handling.

24CPU Cores and RAM/Memory can be added to a site which requires advanced computer processing power (due to special features/functionality) or to allow it to handle a larger load of users.

25Disk Storage Space can be added proactively to prevent problems on sites where user content is regularly added. Additionally, if large files are regularly added to the site the server will be configured to automatically increase the disk space avaialble to prevent the site from crashing (i.e. when the disk space becomes full). You will be automatically billed if your site exceeds the standard limits based on the amount of extra storage used (in 100gb increments).

26Hourly rate changes take effect three (3) months after any hosting changes take place. If you change to a new hosting package on Jan 1, your hourly rates will remain the same until Apr 1. New clients will be charged the Non-Hosted rate for the first 3 months of any hosting.


Last Updated: 2023-08-24