The implications of GDPR (and the increasing legislation to almost any activities online) are getting rather complicated - esp. for any activities done in the EU.

There's yet another issue where a USER of a social media site is being held liable for the failure of the social media company to abide by EU laws. And this isn't some 'huge online entity' - a relatively small education service and some non-big-name social media service.

Although this might not be of specific concern right now for you, I suggest that you at least read through this and be aware of the potential changes that you may need to make related to your use of social media serivices for your business. And as always, I recommend that you connect with a legal advisor who is specifically knowledgeable in these areas to help you make decisions related to your online activities (i.e. don't ask a friend who is a family law lawyer to help you set your online policies and practices).

Here is a link to the full article:

Social Media Account Holder Potentially Liable for GDPR Violations by Platform Operators

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