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I was just informed (1:45 pm CT Saturday) that the email server suffered some sort of significant failure and the tech staff is in the process of 're-building' the system.
I don't know any more details about the process than that and that it could take another 3+ hours to have if fully restored.

This is NOT effecting the actual web hosting, so your site is still there and functional, except with the possibility of email notices not being sent out.

If your site has eCommerce functionality I am directly monitoring those sites for activity on a regular basis (about every 15-30 min. depending on the normal traffic patterns of your site).

Your site MIGHT not be effected by this as we have already transitioned outbound email services on some sites to 3rd party servers.
IF this outage continues more than 3 more hours I will begin working on migrating any remaining outbound email services to our 3rd party email servers (no extra cost for that process).

I'll keep this site updated.

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