The outage began about 9:30 am CT. It effects ALL cloudmail users (i.e. all users for whom we provide email services). The outage is a complete outage meaning receiving and sending is not possible from your accounts. 
At this point I am not aware of the status of any pending emails (emails sent to your address during the down time). I will be able to tell the effect on that once this issue is resolved.

Please note that we have made it clear to the CEO of CloudAccess (i.e. CloudMail) that this is unacceptable service and that we need to have a specific plan to prevent these types of issues in the future.
In the mean time we are now more seriously looking at alternative email hosting solutions and will hopefully have some options within the next 2-4 weeks.

I will be checking each site to ensure that any 'transactional' emails (related to actions taken on the web site by users that involves email in any way) is reviewed once this issue is resolved. I will reply individually if I notice any problems on the site related to those transactions.

If you have specific questions about this please feel free to email me (once the email server is back up) or manually enter a ticket in the site.

NOTE: For future reference, for any server or email outages that last more than 10 min. we will post a NEWS item on and also include it on as well so that you can review the site even if email is down.